Connecting The Electric Brain

the queen's university student design team dedicated to pushing the boundaries of neurotechnology

Our Mission

The brain is the most sophisticated system known to humanity and yet so little is understood about how it operates. Our mission is to decode the brain's electrical activity through the use of modern engineered systems and technology. With the bright minds of Queen's University students working together and educating each other, we are confident that the designing, constructing, and researching to come will yield industry-changing innovations.


Modern Neurotechnology

Recent advances in neurotechnology, electrical engineering, and data science have allowed our team to analyze brain activity like never before. The combination of modern Machine Learning and Electroencephalography have given rise to a multitude of possible avenues for brain technology application. The current systems of direct brain-computer interfacing are becoming more efficient and clear as breakthroughs in the field are reached and this is what drives our research. As contributors to this ever-emerging space, we feel that the next great innovation is right around the corner.


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